Mushkin SOURCE 2 500GB Solid State Drive; Mushkin SOURCE 2 500GB Solid State Drive. Unit Price: $88.00 . Part No: 11830265. Add To Cart. Specifications. GENERAL: Brand:. 4,908. Aug 9, 2017. #3. Mushkin Redline is the brand / model line most sought after by competitive overclockers. As such they are oft very difficult to obtain and usually sell out as soon as they arrive at online vendors. I don't even look at other options unless Mushkin Redline is not available at a reasonable price. The reviewers at Reviewed have featured the Kingston SSD A400 2.5" 1.92TB in their The Best SSDs Under $100 of 2022 roundup. However, it fell short of making it to the top of their list. As for the Mushkin Source SSD M.2 500GB - Techradar, a source that conducts reliable hands-on testing, has featured it in its Mushkin Source 500GB SSD review. "/>Mushkin source 2